Fat Pants Brewing Co.

Key Takeaways:¬†Eden Prairie's 1st brewery, indoor food truck, better-than-average beer (for a new brewery), regrettable live music choices When we first moved to Eden Prairie in November 2018, the closest brewery was Unmapped, 7 minutes away in Minnetonka. August 2019 heralded the arrival of Boom Island Brewing, which picked up from its namesake location in … Continue reading Fat Pants Brewing Co.

10K Brewing

Key Takeaways: 100% Minnesotan, live music done well, families, wood cabin vibes The slogan on 10K Brewing's website reads "Nice beer. Nice people." Simple though it may be, this phrase sums up well the sensibility of this popular, far-flung (by city folk standards) brewery: Minnesota nice. Whether it's because of it's northernmost location, the wood … Continue reading 10K Brewing