612Brew and (BONUS) LTD Brewing

Pros: (612) Busy but breathable, variety of seating options; (LTD) wide variety of beer, friendly atmosphere Cons: (612) Leery staff; (LTD) non-acoustic live music (why??), not accessible by public transportation Number one reason you should go: (612) Between the Better Homes & Gardens stone risers, next-door hallway with its iconic CITY sign, and other patio and interior seating, … Continue reading 612Brew and (BONUS) LTD Brewing

56 Brewing

Pros: Good beer and quiet, low-key atmosphere Cons: Limited hours and tasting options Number one reason you should go: Most breweries you go to on Friday or Saturday night are too loud to have a proper conversation, which is why I loved 56 Brewing's quiet, open-air, country-like atmosphere. Driving up to 56 Brewing is like driving into … Continue reading 56 Brewing